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The Company

The Company Alisped srl was founded in 1977 as Customs Agency. The company’s founders were not however new in the sector, because with a different name were already present as customs agents since 1926.

Currently the total property on the Company headed by the Dapelo family, wich alone provides one-third of the workforce.

The Company management, while “family” being, uses the most advances technologies that can improve the efficiency and productivity; in addition to the total computerization of all phases of work, it makes use of dedicated lines for data exchange with the Customs Authority, e-mail addresses on own and protected servers, and a station dedicated to the “remote banking” with wich electronically handle in real time any kind of  domestic and foreign banking operation. All this in order to be able to offer its customers a superior service while mainteining the typical ratio of the small company.

Alisped currently employs thirteen people working at the headquarters, tactically located at the main gate of the Port of Trieste called Punto Franco Nuovo. The workforce is divided into eight qualified operational employers , costantly updated with specific courses and according to current regulations, following the customs operations assisted by the CEO also qualified as Customs Agent enrolled in National Register; four are administrative and accounting employers.

The Company also operates by the main ports and the main italian Customs with the support of its agents, carefully selected among the best available on the national scene in order to ensure the same quality standards throughout the national territory.

The core business of the Company are the Customs Formalities, moreover offers its customers international transport agents and customs brokers all kind of services directly and/or indirectly related to: port formalities, logistics, transport and storage, only as example.

The Company may also fulfill all commercial operations , industrial and financial, connected to the main activity.

The main feature that distinguishes us is definitely the reliability and the fairness in carrying out our activities; in addition to professional competence we offer an adequate knowledge and experience in the trade and customs law area.

Our main goal is the satisfaction of our customers and the creation, already from the first contacts, of a clear commercial partnership, aimed at informing customers about the implementation of the mandate, providing  a valid advice and finding together the best solution case by case.

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